Why this spek? ¿Por qué este spek? Pourquoi ce spek? Por que esse spek? Warum diese spek?

You probably just got spekd by spekr, the political spectrum quiz, and you are wondering why you were assigned a particular spek.

If you responded to all the statements in the quiz truthfully and without mistake, then based on your responses it was only logical to be spekd the way you did.

If you started the quiz with preconceived notions of what the outcome would be then you will be disappointed to hear that spekr is not a confirmation bias machine.

Spekr works by assigning a value to your responses, the more strongly you agree or disagree with a statement, the more you will be pushed in a certain direction on the political spectrum, and that direction will depend on the type of statement and how you respond to it.

Each statement has an equal value to avoid weighting bias and the direction taken on the political spectrum has been balanced to avoid favouring any particular quadrant.

If you think that spekr has mistakenly assigned you a spek to which you do not identify, you have two options:

  1. Examine your political opinions to determine whether they align with your result and change them accordingly in order to maintain your personal integrity; or
  2. Take the quiz again and respond dishonestly to get the result you want.

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Plotting people on the political spectrum. Trazar personas en el espectro político. Tracer des gens sur le spectre politique. Traçando pessoas no espectro político. Menschen im politischen spektrum planen.

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